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They think they said that Wmm saw Blue Bob in Paris
Prelude to the Paris gathering
By Dominic KULCSAR

Plans were afoot to have David Lynch and his band Blue Bob performing at the Olympia Theatre in Paris. When I found out about the Olympia Theatre and the people who had played there, David Lynch did not want to know what I had just found out, of course it was going to be a nightmare enough for him to get onto the stage and play, let along know about the other people who his performance would possibly be expected to live up to. Many great names had played there including Jimi Hendrix, and some lesser known people but just as important, such as Anja Garbarek had played there a year and a day earlier.

There were only a few Londoners in the chat room at . (For those of you that don’t know, London is a big city in England, and also it’s capital city) The most notable other one apart from me was a lady by the name of Headupsidedown. We talked about going along to the gig, neither of us travelled that much. Head would only go if I would travel on the same train carriage as her, even if we didn’t sit near one another. I wondered about this, because although I got on well with Head in a way that I felt was amazing for me in the chat room, I had no idea what this woman would be like as a human in real life. The prospect gave me mild state of worry, she wanted to know about my “many levels of reality” that I often talked about in the chat room.

We knew we had to meet up, I knew I had to meet up with her as soon as I saw her photo, but when would a time come that would seem appropriate. I was overcome with shyness and had many fears that we would go somewhere and eat something and suddenly I might be seen eating in a certain way that someone that I refer to as the Gloub used to eat, like a pig. I was so afraid that this Gloub’s eating habits might have been a reflection of my own reality and this would be such bad news, especially if I was trying to impress a woman like Head. Charlene in the chat room talked briefly about how her mother talked with her mouth full of food and how this was not something that Charlene wanted to see. What if my own attempts to communicate while in the act of eating became the source of conversation at a later time.

The bridge between the realities of myself and Head was forming, loosely touching as we connected through the internet and we were actually coming to realise a moment to meet, talking about the possibilities of actually meeting and soon we did, and so we met in Covent Garden and we had a cappuccino at the Prêt-A-Manger, and I talked and said many many many things to her, for some reason I did not eat any food and really had no urge to. Later we soon found ourselves breaking through into one another’s realities and said many things to one another in exchange. I think however that once we met in the flesh as it were, the walls were not that big but were always about to crack and crumble, I found her astounding to be with, though there was nothing strange about this, looking at Head as a physical human, this was entirely more than normal, but I never got to hold hands with her though.