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Comedian, actor

Interview in May 2005
by Thierry ATTARD
Very special thanks
to Heidi ROTBART

Sam Lloyd is probably the most important revelation in the comedy genre in the US since the golden years of the Comedy Store club and the first seasons of Saturday Night Live. His humor, poetic with a dose of causticity, and his fabulous voice make wonders in the Scrubs tv-series - where he is Ted Buckland, the singing lawyer. Sam Lloyd is now recurring in Desperate Housewives.

Objectif Cinéma : With your mother, your father and your uncle being respected actors was acting a natural choice of life or did you ever consider to choose another career ?

Sam Lloyd : It was a natural choice. I was born into a theatrical environment. I don’t remember the specific moment I made the choice, I just figured all along that that was what I would do. If I ever did think of another career, it would have been in music.

Objectif Cinéma : What was your course at the Syracuse University ?

Sam Lloyd : I majored in musical-theatre.

Objectif Cinéma : According to you, what was the most important thing you learned there that you still use today in your professional or personal life ?

Sam Lloyd : To use my imagination.

Objectif Cinéma : What was your first acting experience ?

Sam Lloyd : My mother created and directed a children’s theatre group called « The Green Mountain Trolls » in my hometown. My first role was a baby rat in The Pied Piper when I was 3 years old. I had just stopped wearing diapers, but because I was the « baby » rat I had to wear diapers as part of the costume.

I was very upset with my mother for making me wear them. After all, I was a big boy who no longer needed to wear diapers. I still haven’t forgiven her for the humiliation (I’m only partly kidding).