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Objectif Cinéma : Could you explain to our readers what is the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company ?

Sam Lloyd : It’s a summer theatre company in the very small and beautiful New England town of Weston, Vermont. And without it I wouldn’t be here. My parents met there doing summer theatre in the 50’s when the road leading into town was still a dirt road. They eventually moved to Weston full time and raised the family.

Over the years the Playhouse has grown into a fantastic and respected theatre with onstage and behind the scenes talent coming from Broadway, and professional theatres in Chicago, Los Angeles, and places in between. And the road leading into town is now paved.

Objectif Cinéma : Your work for television is well-known. Before getting the role of Ted the lawyer in Scrubs you did appear in numerous notable situation comedies (Night Court, Seinfeld, Mad about you...) Are sitcoms a very natural transition from live comedy theatre, as these shows are rehearsed before an audience ? Do you prepare your work the same way ?

Sam Lloyd : Yes, sitcoms really are a natural transition. You don’t need to project as much vocally or be as « big » as in live theatre but delivering a joke in front of a live audience is just the same.

D.RObjectif Cinéma : In your filmography we can find Rising Sun (1993). What was your part in this movie and can you talk to us about the shooting of your scenes in this adaptation from a Michael Crichton’s best-seller ?

Sam Lloyd : The part I played wasn’t specifically in the book. In the film I was one of the two computer-nerd owners of the company that the Japanese business group wanted to buy. We were kind of the « Rosencrantz and Guildenstern » »(1) of the movie because we were in the center of the action, but we didn’t really know what the heck was going on around us. Peter Crombie was the Guildenstern to my Rosencrantz and we had a great time shooting. We were very excited to be working with Sean Connery, who was everything I had hoped he would be : funny, kind, professional, and pretty darn cool.