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Actor, novelist, writer
Interview made in May 2005
by Thierry ATTARD

Sky du Mont was born in Buenos Aires and spent his childhood in United Kingdom before starting a brilliant career in Germany and internationally. From his debut on stage, his guest roles in the tv-series of Helmut Ringelmann (Der Kommissar, Derrick, Der Alte...) to Eyes Wide Shut and his comic characters in the movies of Michael « Bully » Herbig, Sky du Mont talks with us about his work and his different and numerous artistic activities.

Objectif Cinéma : Sky du Mont, your very first contact with acting was at the end of the Sixties with an extra part in a play where you caught the attention of the director. Could you please tell us more about this debut and how it lead you to acting school ?

Sky du Mont : I was broke - as usual - and I did extra-work on plays for television. This is where a very famous german director, Fritz Umgelter, discovered me and gave me my first role in a tv-play.

I was very lucky because an acting instructor from the National Theatre gave me lessons for free as she believed in me and in my talent.

Objectif Cinéma : During your three years at acting school in Munich (1969-1971) which teachers marked you the most and why ?

Sky du Mont : Miss Hanschke, because she taught me everything there was to know about Theatre. Everything else you have to learn while working : « learning by doing »...

Objectif Cinéma : After school you start your career on stage for the Residenztheater of Munich and the Staatstheater in Berlin. For which plays and which roles ?

Sky du Mont : I started off with Schnitzler’s Professor Bernhardi in Munich. After that I joined the Staatstheater Berlin (National Theatre) an played Gorki, Tchekov, Edward Bond, etc.

Objectif Cinéma : Your first movie is the Heimatfilm Das Schweigen im Walde (1976), directed by Alfred Vohrer. How did you work under the direction of this great artisan of german cinema ?

Sky du Mont : As I had a tiny part there is not much to tell...