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Actor, director, producer
Interview by Thierry ATTARD

To have the honour to share some thoughts with an artist of the quality of spanish actor Juan Echanove is like a salutary opportunity to feel the essence of acting. This man of stage, cinema and television, who has worked with Pedro Almodóvar and who is also familiar to a younger public for his role of Mariano Cuellar in the Un Paso Adelante tv-series kindly answers to our questions in spite of a busy schedule.

Encounter with one of the most interesting artists from Spain.

Objectif Cinéma : Juan Echanove, thank you very much for accepting this interview. First could you please tell us some words about where you were born, about your family and your childhood before the college years ?

D.RJuan Echanove : I was born in Madrid in April 1961. My Father was an engineer and my childhood took place in an atmosphere of family tranquillity and good harmony. At the age of 18 I entered simultaneously in the school of Dramatic Art of Madrid, and in the Madrid Faculty of Law. I completed neither acting nor Law studies because in that same year I began to work professionally on stage.

Objectif Cinéma : Your first contact with acting took place in college. In which circumstances and what kind of institution was this establishment ?

Juan Echanove : I studied until the university years in the school of the Menesian Brothers of the Park of the Avenues. This school was founded and is still governed nowadays by the disciples of Jean Marie de la Mennais, eternal aspiring to Holyness, without he has obtained it to date (among other things, say the Brothers, because of the presence in his family of Féli de la Mennais, one of the most radical philosophers and ideologists of the French Revolution - « Miscreants », like they call them).