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Executive producer
and producer of
the GSG9 tv-series
Interview made in June 2007
by Thierry ATTARD
Special thanks
to Stephan PEYERL
and Xavier VARAILLON

Forget Wisteria Lane, forget Gilligan’s Lost Island and The Others, forget « ordinary » people with super-powers, or CTU… If the best tv-series today come from United Kingdom, Germany come in second place with the latest television action-packed quality thriller series, GSG9 – the german answer to Spooks. Busy with the shooting of the season 2 of this sensation from Typhoon (an extremely dynamic film and television production company) for Sat.1 – the network behind Verliebt in Berlin, Friedrich Wildfeuer and Karsten Rühle, showrunners of GSG9 answer to our questions.

D.R.Objectif Cinéma : Friedrich Wildfeuer, Karsten Rühle, thank you very much for accepting this interview. Typhoon AG is a very active television and movie production company. Could you please tell us some words about your respective careers before working under the Typhoon banner, and about the creation of the company.

Friedrich Wildfeuer : After studying law and passing the bar exam I started as Head of Business affairs at VPS Filmdistribution in Munich. Thereafter I worked for a good year for ZDF and then went on for over 7 years to RTL, where I worked in series development, fiction programming and marketing. My major project there was the successful series Hinter Gittern [Note : Hit prison soap opera inspired from the australian mega-cult show Prisoner : Cell Block H]. I left RTL together with Marc Conrad and we founded Typhoon in 1999.

Karsten Rühle : After my Master of Arts in Mass Communication at the University of Leicester (Great Britain) I did a workshop on Independent Film Producing at the UCLA, before entering the Entertainment industry back in Germany as Assistant Producer of a daily Soap with UFA. I joined Typhoon as producer of a weekly show and of the latest seasons of Abschnitt 40. GSG 9 is my first show that I produce with Friedrich Wildfeuer from the very beginning of the first idea.

Objectif Cinéma : 11 years ago, RTL revolutionized the perception of television fiction programming in Germany by giving the contract of Alarm für Cobra 11 to Hermann Joha – who literally invented a genre with his production company action concept. Now, since two years, Sat.1 seems to set the pace for the new trends for german television fictions.

How do you perceive the evolution of these trends since 1995 ?

Friedrich Wildfeuer : I believe Alarm is a very unique show and actually there was never a successful attempt to duplicate this genre in Germany. The reason is definitely based on the costs of a Action show and on a very unique simple concept : Fast Cars, The « Autobahn », Cops and furious stunts.