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David Lynch (c) D.R. AN OVERVIEW OF

By Craig JONES



  David Lynch.com (c) D.R.

When news was forthcoming that David Lynch was to create a website relating to his artistic sensibilities and creations (he started building the website in 1999), anticipation was high amongst his fan base : what would the site entail ? Would it be worth paying out the monthly fee of $9.97 ; and how would it compare to other ventures on the net ? Other questions raised : had Lynch given up on movies in favour of a medium that gave the auteur more control over his output ? Or was Lynch honing his talents and adding more feathers to his artistic cap ?

Well, I think we can rest assured that David Lynch has not abandoned his desires for creativity and the content on his website is testament to that : expanding and enriching a complex body of work in a variety of forms. On www.davidlynch.com , we can find multiple examples of his artistic endeavours in many different mediums : there are sections that deal with his paintings, his musical collaborations (with John Neff and Angelo Badalamenti), his cartoon strip written formally for the LA Reader (The Angriest Dog In The World), experimental films (Out Yonder, Head with a Hammer for example), live action depictions of nature at work (The Bird Feeders), a radio show (Oddio, run by his daughter Jennifer Lynch), puzzles to solve, hidden features, trailers from his movies, and two of the site’s biggest pullers : the chat rooms (in which Mr Lynch and his daughter Jennifer frequently make visits) and the crowning achievement of the site, the ongoing series. I think it is fair to say that all of these varied artistic achievements are worthy of a $9.97 a month subscription. As for the competition between similar ventures on the net, the worry seems unnecessary as there are no other Hollywood Directors who are realising an undertaking of this magnitude at this moment in time, although Peter Greenaway, Tim Burton and other stalwarts are contributing to smaller outputs of discussion in their regard, and early reports indicate that membership is on the up. (1)