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David Lynch & John Jeff (c) D.R. DAVID LYNCH & JOHN NEFF
Blue Bob’s concert
Interview conducted
November 12th 2002 in Paris
by Yaron GAT
Photos of Blue Bob’s concert
by Sophie HAY

On November 12th 2002, a day after the big Blue Bob concert at the Olympia music-hall in Paris during the Inrockuptible Festival, I met David Lynch and John Neff for an interview about the concert and Lynch’s music projects.

Yaron Gat : How do you describe last night event, your Blue Bob’s concert at the Olympia music-hall ?

David Lynch : How do I describe it? It was a traumatic thrill. As you know it’s the first time I have ever been on the stage playing music. And it’s a great theatre, maybe one of the most famous theatres, and there we were ! But it was torment and since I heard we were committed to do it, it’s been a torment. Then suddenly it was over and it was beautiful when it was over! It was so beautiful I can’t tell you.

  Olympia (c) D.R.

John Neff : But what about the middle of it though ?

David Lynch : In the middle of it, I was concentrating on the music and I was very little aware of much else. I found solace in the faces of the band members, we were together making music. The fun was a nine and the torment, song by song, fell to zero. When it was over, you can’t know if there is a sort of a good completion until it’s over. So I never knew during the thing if I would screw up on the next one. So song by song, take them off, take them off and there we were done and then I felt great.

John Neff : It was a thrill. It wasn’t the first time I performed but it was the first time with my own materials in quite a while and the first time with Dave ever. I had some apprehension, only because of the short amount of rehearsals that we had, but the band came together really well. By the time we had actually had the sound check yesterday and by the time we had the show it was completely about the music and the sound.