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David Lynch (c) D.R.

Yaron Gat : Did you ever imagine that someday you would be on stage playing guitar for thousands of people ?

David Lynch : No ! No, that was something I didnít imagine. I imagine a lot of things but not that.

Yaron Gat : So now itís David Lynch the rock star ?

David Lynch : No, you know itís funny. The star thing is not a part of it but itís making sound and making music. I always loved the sound and it bridged into music, but it was always meant to be a thing for the studio. And as you know, weíve just released the record on my website (davidlynch.com) and have segments that people could be listening to, and that was going to be it.

You know, the thing in the world about record companies, there is a big change going on, huge change. And they are kind of sad and different nowadays. So I thought, well, the Internet is the way to go. But itís still in the middle of this transition and then Pascal, Johnís friend Pascal and now my friend Pascal, came along and he has a record company, but a different kind of a record company, itís just Pascal ! [Pascal Nabet-Meyer, Blue Bobís Manager and director of the record company Soulitude Records] And Pascal, the soles of his shoes are very thin now because he's been all over Europe with a little bag of albums making it happen, and people like Pascal, and he is doing a great job ! Better than a normal today record company, because, it seems to me, the fire has gone out in the furnace. And itís just a lot of strange smoke coming out of the chimney but the heat is going down.

Yaron Gat : From where did the idea for Blue Bob come?

David Lynch : The idea of the music ? The idea of the name - John, you know, set around thinking of names, said Blue Bob and thatís where the name came from. The music came out of experiments, the idea that machines would marry with music. That was the point of departure.

  Blue Bob (c) D.R.

Yaron Gat : I noticed that the lyrics of Blue Bob songs are very different from the lyrics you used to write. Until now most of them were love songs or yearning for it, here itís more about jealousy, anger and disappointment. Why do you think is that ?

David Lynch : I will tell you exactly why ! Music and sound are so powerful ! It just starts talking to you, so if you have a certain kind of music itís going to conjure up certain kind of feelings that lead to a certain kind of words and that's how it goes. Blue Bob, the lyrics always came last. For Julee Cruise, many times the lyrics came first. I would just write out things and then I showed them to Angelo Badalamenti . And there it was the reverse, the words would conjure some sort of melody. So it can go both ways. In Blue Bob it was the lyrics that followed the music.

Yaron Gat : You think maybe itís because here you wrote for a male singer and before for a female ?

David Lynch : No. Itís because itís factory music. There is a certain San Fernando Valley married to factories, married to maybe gasoline power engines and night. You start getting a feel, and Julee Cruiseís lyrics donít marry to that. Know what I mean ?

John Neff : Questions in the world of smokes (laughs)