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David Lynch (c) D.R. DAVID LYNCH
Interview conducted
November 12th 2002 in Paris
by Yaron GAT

On November 12th 2002, a day after the big Blue Bob concert at the Olympia music-hall in Paris during the Inrockuptible Festival, I met David Lynch (and also John Neff) for a short interview about his website davidlynch.com.

Yaron Gat : Itís been almost a year now since your website went up. Are you pleased by the way itís going ?

David Lynch : Yes. There are a lot of things that we learnt and everything teaches you things. But one of the things I've learnt is that the Internet isÖ sleepy. (Laughs)

Itís not what people think it is. Itís used, people go on the net but itís not yet used like television. And not yet really used for entertainment. And I think it will be. But it goes a little too slow and people get frustrated. Itís not as user friendly as turning on the set and just banging the remote. So itís got its ways to go but the potential is huge I think. And itís a place of freedom. I love it ! For a place to set out experiments and then your mind starts going. And who knows, if it wasnít there, non of these things would have happened. So itís a birding ground for me.

And itís a chat room, right Yaron Gat ? How many great people have we met all around the world ? People are instantly close, and they get together, and they know these people. They know them in a way that you just donít get to know people. You see a face, but all those things, the dialogues are there, and you would never know that. So it gives depth to each member, and there are so many things that we all have in common. Ideas flow, inspiration goes, itís a great thing !

  David Lynch (c) D.R.

Yaron Gat : Did you plan for the "net" stuff you are creating to be more abstract or absurd because you have that freedom ? Or did it just happen that way ?

David Lynch : In a way there are ideas and fragments that you can do for the Internet that are absurd and abstract, but thereíre ideas and fragments that can be tender and more concrete. Itís just a place for fragments right now, and you donít know where they could go. Once your mind start focusing on something, it seems to start growing, and you donít know where itís going to lead. But by doing things, just by doing something, it brings the focus there. And then you see what happens.

Yaron Gat : Do you feel more close to your audience through the net ? You get like immediate responses ?

David Lynch : Yes, Rabbits 8 goes on and itís an instant thing. (2) If it was huge audience like in the old days of television or something like that, it will be pretty unbelievable to have this instant feedback and dialogues and stuff. Itís sort of one thing triggers another thing and I donít know, itís, like I said, the potential is there for something very interesting.