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David Lynch (c) D.R.

Yaron Gat : We have to sum up so anything you would like to say to the readers in Israel ? (1)

David Lynch : I want peace in the whole world. An eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth has to do with a personal karma. You do something and it’s going to bend back and you are going to experience what you do. So whatever you do, if you think you are really doing it to yourself, that is very close to the truth. I got a neighbor I don’t get along with and I try to make peace, and it’s not easy even just one person to another, you know it’s tricky. But there are things going on in this world. I think some beautiful things will happen, and there will be peace. But it’s up to all of us to think - If we’re doing something we are doing it to ourselves. In The Straight Story there is this thing of forgiveness, which is super hard. But it’s got to happen. Somehow the lightness of the world got to come up. And if you just wait a little bit, pretty soon good times are coming.

John Neff : How can I say anything better than that ? I’d love to see that sort of peace, the seed of that peace starts right there in Israel. We are all sons of the same father, why can’t we get along ?

David Lynch : Yeah !

Yaron Gat : Thank you very much and see you in your website’s Chat Room.

David Lynch : You better believe it !

The interview was originally made for an Israeli newspaper called "ha-ir" (The City), which is one of the most popular weekend newspapers in Israel. The intention was to introduce the Israeli audience, who knows David Lynch through his films, which are quite successful, to Lynch’s other works (his website and also Blue Bob).

(2) Rabbits is a series starring Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring and Scott Coffey dressed in rabbits outfits, that David Lynch created specifically for his website. The series is available to both members of the site and via pay per view.


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